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PostSubject: PSP/PS3 PSN PKG Decrypter FROM PSGROOVE   Sat Jan 08, 2011 10:07 am

PSP/PS3 Game decrypter
Download: http://lan.st/PSP_PS3_PKG_Decrypter_Extractor_v.

What does this do ?
This will decrypt and extract Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and mixed GAME PACKAGES (NOT UPDATER ONES !) onto your pc.

How do I use it ?

Just open the package you want to extract or drag and drop it and click on "Extract package"

Can I run this on Linux ?

Sorry this app is windows only, however full sources have been supplied along with it so feel
free to make a Linux port out of it, you have my blessing.

Can This encrypt/sign my game packages ?

NO, when this application was written, the main concern was about packages decryption, so that part
was kinda skipped, however it is trivial to do the reverse operation, remember, sources are supplied.

You people with 3.41 cfw or 3.55 cfw
can do this and get pkg files from psn store and install them on to ur INSTALL PACKAGES thing
Everything in the ps store is PKG btw idk how to do this or if it works with 3.55 currently but i know it works for 3.41 obviously lmfao
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