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 new codes

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PostSubject: new codes    new codes  I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 08, 2011 4:04 pm


set player_sustainAmmo "1"
set clanname "^4"
set cg_overheadNamesSize "5.0"
set cg_overheadRankSize "5.0"
set cg_scoreboardPingText "1"
set X "vstr X1"
set X1 "vstr X1a;set X vstr X2"
set X1a "bind BUTTON_B scr_xpscale 500;say ^2 2500 XP"
set X2 "vstr X2a;set X vstr X3"
set X2a "bind BUTTON_B scr_xpscale 1500;say ^4 7500 XP"
set X3 "vstr X3a;set X vstr X4"
set X3a "bind BUTTON_B scr_xpscale 3000;say ^5 15000 XP"
set X4 "vstr X4a;set X vstr X1"
set X4a "bind BUTTON_B scr_xpscale 4000;say ^1 20000 XP"
bind BUTTON_LSTICK "+sprint;xblive_privatematch 0;xblive_rankedmatch 1;onlinegame 1;g_compassshowenemies 1;ui_gametype ^2Sias Lobby;con_gamemsgwindow1filter subtitle;con_gamemsgwindow1msgtime 20;say ^2S^3i^4A^1S ^0Has The ^6BEST ^4Hacks!"
bind BUTTON_X "fast_restart"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "vstr X"
bind BUTTON_RTRIG "god;bg_falldamageminheight 9999;bg_falldamagemaxheight 9999;toggle clanname ^1 ^2 ^3 ^4 ^5 ^6"


set gpad_buttonsConfig ""
set gpad_sticksConfig ""
set perk_weapspreadmultiplier "0.001"
set M "vstr M1"
set M1 "vstr M1a;set M vstr M2"
set M1a "bind DPAD_LEFT clientkick 1;bind DPAD_UP clientkick 2;bind DPAD_RIGHT clientkick 3;say ^1 Kick Menu 1-3"
set M2 "vstr M2a;set M vstr M3"
set M2a "bind DPAD_LEFT clientkick 4;bind DPAD_UP clientkick 5;bind DPAD_RIGHT clientkick 6;say ^2 Kick Menu 4-6"
set M3 "vstr M3a;set M vstr M4"
set M3a "bind DPAD_LEFT clientkick 7 ; bind DPAD_UP clientkick 8 ; bind DPAD_RIGHT clientkick 9;say ^4 Kick Menu 7-9"
set M4 "vstr M4a;set M vstr M5
set M4a "bind DPAD_LEFT toggle g_gravity 50 300 550 800 ; bind DPAD_UP toggle jump_height 100 300 600 900 ; bind DPAD_RIGHT toggle g_speed 200 400 600 800 ;Say ^3PUSH ^ to toggle Jump;Say ^3 PUSH < to toggle gravity;Say ^3PUSH > to toggle Speed"
set M5 "vstr M5a;set M vstr M1"
set M5a "bind DPAD_UP +actionslot 1;bind DPAD_LEFT +actionslot 3;bind DPAD_RIGHT +actionslot 4;say ^0Menu Closed"
bind DPAD_DOWN "vstr M"
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new codes
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